Course Information

Course Information

City: Derangement Workshop, Online  Dates: Mar 10, 2024
Type: MDT Workshop Course #: CA24TW001
Instructor: Michael Dyck
PT, Dip. MDT
Course Cost: $30.00
$15.00 – PLUS Plan Fee
$10.00 – PRO Plan Fee
Course Location: Map It!
McKenzie Institute Canada
MICanada Online Event, NA XXX XXX
Cosponsor: Aileen Conway
McKenzie Institute Canada

Schedule and Other Important Information (if applicable)

Prerequisite: Completion of Part B.

Title: "10 Ways To Miss a Derangement: How Small Things Can Make a Big Difference"

What to Expect:
10 actual patient cases will be presented, taken from cases recently seen on the Diploma programme. In each case the derangement was initially missed, though everything pointed towards derangement... Come find out the lessons learned on the Diploma programme to help you become faster and more confident as a clinician. This workshop will certainly be useful for the developing clinician, and will be extremely pertinent for the more experienced clinician looking to hone their skills. The 10 take-home messages that will be offered remind us that every patient is a unique puzzle, and so we need to put aside our routines and habits, and open our eyes and ears and minds to consider them individually.

Please be aware that depending on your level of course completion, some of the discussions may be beyond your current MDT knowledge, however, we believe you will still benefit from the case discussions. Attending will also highlight how continuing your MDT education can benefit your patients and you as a clinician.

Start Times:

6.00 AM PT
7.00 AM MT
8.00 AM CT
9.00 AM ET
10.00 AM AT
10.30 AM NT

Duration: 2 hours. Certificate of Completion will be issued for those that attend the entire session

All those interested in attending must register as normal online. PRO Plan members will not be required to provide payment when completing the registration transaction. Attendees without a PRO Plan will have their fee processed at time of registration. Workshop fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Eligibility: Completion of Part B and up. The workshop will be conducted in English.

Workshop Status: Confirmed