Course Information

Course Information

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City: Thornhill, ON  Dates: Nov 2 – 3, 2024
Type: Part B Course #: CA24B002
Instructor: Fiona MacKenzie
PT, Dip. MDT
Course Cost: $695.00
Course Location: Map It!
Pro Motion Physiotherapy
One Promenade Circle, Level 3
Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8
Cosponsor: Bonny O'Hare
Pro Motion Physiotherapy

Schedule and Other Important Information (if applicable)

Eligibility: Completion of Part A required.

This course includes two pre-requisite online training components and 2 live in classroom days. All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Session 1/ you will complete by yourself online at your own pace.

Session 2/ 30OCT (WED) will be conducted online, instructed live by the course instructor from 4.00pm until 8.45pm.

Sessions 3 & 4 will take place in the clinic at Pro Motion Physiotherapy in Thornhill, ON

Session 3 / 02NOV (SAT) 8.00am - 5.15pm ET.
Session 4 / 03NOV (Sun) 8.00am - 5.00pm ET.

Course status: Pending Confirmation

The principles of MDT and how they apply in the context of the biopsychosocial framework of managing patients with cervical and thoracic pain and functional limitations will be a key focus. The participants will explore and extensively practice the MDT assessment, classification and management process through lectures, workshops, discussions, and patient demonstrations. The classifications of Derangement, Dysfunction and Postural syndromes in the cervical and thoracic spine are described in detail and appropriate management plans are discussed, with emphasis on the use of patient self-treatment procedures and education. Subgroups not fulfilling the criteria of the MDT syndromes are introduced and the basis for their differential diagnosis is outlined. Follow-up patient demonstrations will illustrate the reassessment process and allow participants to get a realistic feel and understanding of the impact of the MDT system on differing patient presentations over 2-3 treatment sessions.