Host A Course

Hosting Guide For A McKenzie Institute Canada MDT Course

The McKenzie Institute is committed to the highest standard of education providing the therapeutic community with the best preparation in the application of McKenzie principles through our Program of Certification.  In order to provide the post-graduate education service in targeted geographic locations nationwide that are time, travel and cost efficient, we seek the assistance of a local cosponsor who is interested in building an on-going relationship with the Institute that is mutually beneficial.

Hosting a course provides your eligible staff members the opportunity to learn the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, an evidence-based assessment method utilized by health professionals worldwide because of its proven ability to improve patient outcomes.


  • To provide clinicians in your clinic and local area with an opportunity to learn the McKenzie Method of MDT
  • To provide your patients with access to clinicians that are fully qualified in MDT, globally recognized as a leading system for treating patients with spine and extremity disorders.
  • To provide clinicians in your clinic and local area with the opportunity to enhance their clinical reasoning capabilities and learn the tools necessary to improve their patient outcomes
  • To earn free places on the course, or earn a venue rental fee and reduce your monthly expenses or one of the other benefits listed below
  • If credentialled, it could fulfil your CCES (Certification Continuing Education Standards) requirements, keeping your name and clinic posting on the therapist locator for another 3 years (this option is only open to Cert. MDT’s or Dip. MDT’s that are currently CCES compliant).


Hosting facilities are offered the option of selecting one (1) of the following benefit options when they agree to host a course. The Eligibility Policy applies to all free places outlined below.

  • Two (2) free places on the hosted course for eligible staff members, plus a reduced rate for additional eligible hosting clinic/hospital employees attending the hosted course.
  • One (1) free place for an eligible staff member on the hosted course plus payment of a facility rental fee to the hosting clinic.
  • One (1) free place on a higher level course for an eligible staff member, plus one (1) free place for an eligible staff member on the hosted course. The place on the higher level course must fall after the hosted course or the attendee can pay up front and be reimbursed in full after the hosted course has taken place.
  • One (1) full registration to an upcoming event e.g. CPA Congress, Ortho Division Symposium etc. (restrictions apply, please contact the branch office for more details)

The hosting clinic will determine who will be entitled to the free places on the course and the selected practitioner(s) will be the onsite course coordinator(s). The people selected as the onsite course coordinators will be required to attend every day of the course. Regardless of the benefit option selected, the hosting clinic is required to have at least one (1) person attend the hosted course and handle the onsite course duties.

Do you want to know more? Click on the link below for hosting details pertaining to the primary course levels.