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LinkedIn MDT Forum: Connect with McKenzie Institute faculty and thought leaders who lead discussions with clinicians who are certified in MDT or actively involved with MDT training.

Online Study Group: An online study group formed by like-minded clinicians who have taken courses or are certified in the McKenzie Method®, to continue their learning and sharing their professional experience.

MIC Community News: Diploma, Accredited, Credentialed and MDT trained clinicians from across Canada, take time out to share a little of their professional journey, along with some MDT related clinical experiences.

DAVID HAM - 2017 Phil Burchell MDT Diploma Scholarship Recipient
"As soon as I started taking the MDT courses, I knew this was a system that was logical and effective - surprisingly effective at times! The more I learned and practiced and saw results with patients, the more invested I became in furthering my knowledge, and the thought of taking the Diploma Program crossed my mind. I was lucky enough to have two MDT Diplomats as colleagues, and in conversations with them and seeing their skills in action, I became convinced that if I wanted to get the most out of this system, I had to pursue it. It was an exciting and nerve-wracking prospect, and was a big investment overall, but it was without a doubt the most worthwhile professional development pursuit of my career thus far. When I resumed work after returning from the Clinical Component, I could see an immediate positive difference in how I practiced. I would encourage anyone who is serious about developing their skills in MDT to consider taking it!"